Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously.

We know that doing business requires trust, and we want you to be able to trust us. Therefore we wish to be totally upfront with you regarding the information we collect about you, how we will use it, and how we will keep it safe.

When you visit our website, your computer sends non-identifying information to our server so that it knows how to serve you (for example, it will tell us what variety of web browser you use, what page you want to view, and what language you prefer your web pages to be written in). We make absolutely no attempt to link this data to you personally, but use aggregate numbers (for example, "25% of our visits last month were from people using Macs") to optimize our operations.

If you sign up for the software, we will record the date on which you sign up, as well as the date that you purchase the full version (if you so choose), so that we can honor our 30-day money-back guarantee. When you create and save classroom layouts, student rosters, and seating charts, the data required to reproduce them is stored on our servers so that you can access it from any computer. We've taken precautions to make sure that this information is not accessible by anyone but you, and we will never share it with any third party. We won't look at this information directly, but we might view aggregate statistics about it (for example, it might be useful for us to know things like "the average classroom has 32 desks").

We don't spam. You can give your email address to us for various purposes, for example, to sign up for the software. We'll tell you how much email you can expect to get and for what purpose. We won't sell or disclose your email address under any circumstances. You can ask us to stop sending you email at any time.

When you purchase software from us, your billing information (credit card number, etc) is handled by a company called Stripe, which is a trustworthy company that handles credit card payments for thousands of web sites. Your billing information goes straight from your computer to Stripe, and they'll never share your billing information with us. Stripe simply informs us about whether your payment went through or was rejected.

We receive reports from our advertising partners (e.g. Google) about how many people click on our advertisements, and how many of these people eventually go on to purchase School Seating Charts. We don't tie these numbers to any customers in particular, but rather use them to improve our advertising campaigns.

We track which web pages are of most interest to our customers. For example, we can tell whether most people who go on to buy School Seating Charts tend to view our support page first. We make no attempt to discern this about any particular visitor or customer. If you would rather we not track which pages you are viewing anonymously, you can turn off cookies (please see your browser documentation for how to do this).