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Below you'll find all the latest release notes, important news and roadmap information for School Seating Charts. If you experience a bug or want to request a feature please let us know!


2020 and Beyond: The Roadmap
  • In-Progress Roster Excel (or CSV) upload. By far our most requested feature! Add student names to any roster by uploading a spreadsheet or comma-separated values file.
  • Pin a student to an assigned seat. This feature has been requested to make sure students who require special attention are kept in-place on seating charts, even when the chart is "alphabetized" or "randomized."
February 2020: The Groundwork Update

This update has been a long time coming. As we've mentioned in a number of our email responses, this is what we've been working on! We sincerely appreciate your patience. Most of this update is "behind the scenes" to make way for future enhancements.

Here's what changed:

  • In the application:
    • Improved navigation
    • Improved snap-to-grid initial placement behavior
    • Improved roster management tools, including editing student names
    • Improved handling of large classroom layouts
    • Improved manual seat assignment indicators
    • Larger classroom floor in the layout designer
  • On the website:
    • Updated content
    • New pricing options for schools
    • Fun, animated gifs!
  • Behind the scenes:
    • Improved support tools
    • Migrated the application and website to PHP/JavaScript
    • Migrated the application to PostgreSQL